Saturday, 8 August 2015

Get the Glow: My Personal Skin Care Tips

   I'm Jessica and I'm a product junkie. You will the sides in my bedroom littered with various products and potions, all bought on a whim and all intended to be that miracle product that will solve all possible beauty flaws. However, now I am in my 20s I have put together what they call a "skin care regime". It's actually not as regimental as it sounds, and in my product junkie haven I have found products that work best for me- and products that I actually enjoy using. I know how frustrating it can be having to remember to scrub your face when all you want to do is fall into bed at night, but hopefully my tips will help someone out there. 

When: everyday, twice a day preferably.

The first product I am thankful for is "Cleanse & Polish" from the lovely Liz Earle. I have mentioned this product before, and frankly it works. This stuff also lasts a really long time- and I am definitely someone who is very generous with my usage. My skin feels so clean after I use Liz Earle's polish, and I feel the combination of the hot cloth and creamy product really helps to get every last scrap of make-up off. This is something I come back to time and time again.


When: around 3 times a week (depending on your skin type).

City life can take a toll on your skin. You need to remove the grime, dirt and build up to make way for sparkling fresh new skin. I recommend exfoliating a few times a week- not every single day as it can be damaging to that precious skin of yours. One of my favourite exfoliators is made by Soap and Glory. Exoliators also help with sun damage and fine lines. Such a pleasure to use! Say goodbye to that pesky dead skin and stimulate new skin cell growth.

Soap & Glory™ Scrub Your Nose In It™ Special Pore Refining Formula AHA Facial Scrub.


When: everyday, twice a day preferably. 

"Smooth your way" for moisture. I recommend toning your skin after cleansing. Clinique is a long standing and trusted skincare provider. Many of us may remember the women in our family using Clinique. Their toner is refreshing, and it doesn't give you that "tight" feeling some toners do. Shrink your pores simply by putting some toner on a cotton ball and rub gently over the skin.


When: everyday, morning and night. 

 Moisturiser is a very personal thing. Everyone has different skin. Whether you have dry or oily skin- there is definitely a product out there for you. I myself have combination/normal skin and I really enjoy using serums. I love how they feel on my skin, they're not too heavy and make it feel like silk. Some people use different creams for night and day but I have to admit I'm a bit lazy when it comes to that. I actually found this product as it was a cult favourite a few years ago now, and I can see what all the fuss was about. At the time it came out, it actually sold out of my local Boots store and I definitely see why. It's like smoothing silk onto your cheeks.

"Matrixyl 3000 Plus™* – the star technology for helping to restore a more youthful appearance to your skin.
Hyaluronic acid – for added firmness.
Patented antioxidant complex – to protect the skin against environmental stress.
Rice peptide and alfalfa complex – helps to preserve levels of collagen and fibrillin in the skin."


When: every morning. 

 When you live in England, using SPF everyday seems a tad pointless but this really isn't true. The moment you step outside in rain, sun or even snow those UV rays are reaching your skin. It may not matter too much in your twenties but you'll thank yourself in later life. Pop on some SPF before applying your make-up in the morning and off you toddle! Take that, UV rays. 

 This protection from Clinique will do the job wonderfully.


When: once a week.

 I love a face mask. Nothing beats just relaxing with one on albeit looking slightly scary, as I notice from the reaction of my pup when I have a face mask on. One product I keep going back to is by Lush Cosmetics. "Cupcake" is a fabulous little product that's best kept in the fridge. (Don't eat it).


When: everyday, all day.

Skin is 64% water after all. Keep it glowing, drink that water! 

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