Friday, 30 January 2015

Love, Tanya

When Tanya said she was coming out with a book, published by her dream publisher Penguin, I couldn't have been happier for both her and happy for the book that was about to grace my bookshelf. I was even more excited to learn that the book would be more like a memoir. I pre-ordered the book from Amazon, and yesterday amongst boring bills and statements, the book appeared. The book was beautifully made, great quality and it had that "amazing" book smell (they should really bottle it). I knew it wouldn't be anything less than good quality coming from Tanya, but this did exceed my already high expectations.

 For those of you who may have not entered the glorious world of Youtube, blogging and vloggers- meet Tanya. Tanya Burr is an English fashion, beauty and lifestyle vlogger from Norwich, UK. She is captivating, gorgeous and from the moment I started watching her make-up tutorials a few years ago I was hooked. Tanya Burr has gone on to even created her own cosmetics diffusion line under the brand Tanya Burr Cosmetics. Her contagious smile and bubbly personality is somewhat addictive and I am happy to say she is definitely one of my inspirations in life. 

 Her book, Love, Tanya, is a mix of everything that is Tanya. Beautiful photographs fills the pages, along with family recipes, fashion, beauty, relationship, life tips, and travel. I love the "Top 10" sections of the book- probably, because like Tanya, I am a list writer. This book is not only all things Tanya however- in typical Burr style, you get the chance to write your own personal favourites along side hers. I feel this is a book that can be passed on through life, to friends, daughters, mothers and sisters alike. There is even a section on coping on anxiety and stress. Just what I needed, as I am currently writing my dissertation...

It's real, vibrant and happy. It's the most beautiful handbook to modern life.

I adore Badgers Holt too! 

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