Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Laura Mercier: Bath & Body

One of my favourite indulgences in life is definitely bathing. Combine that with the comforting scent of honey, and I am sold.

 Laura Mercier has been generous in the bathing department. This is definitely a more luxurious product compared to "everyday"- but now and again it's nice to have that luxury in your own home. The bath honey comes with a quirky wooden honey dipper which is perfect for running under hot water. The result is a fabulous honey filled bubble bath. Experience the fragrance inspired by artisanal sweet honey and sensual amber.

 The product transforms your bath into a decadent foaming experience with thick, rich bubbles that leave skin supple. With your senses calm and relaxed, let your honey bath do the work.

 Anyone who loves to be pampered will enjoy Laura Mercier products which are mainly for all skin types. 

Finish off your pamper session with one of Laura's indulgent Soufflé body Crème. Definitely the ultimate pick-me-up. 

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