Monday, 11 August 2014

Being an Adult Isn't Too Shabby...

  When you are at high school, you usually imagine your 20s to be that far off place that will never ever come around, and if it does it will not be for what seems like a life time away. I used to laugh when "older" people would comment on how quickly everything changes, and how fast the years go by. I never ever thought that would be something I would say, shaking off their comments and getting on with whatever was important in my current 14-year-old life at that time. Fast forward 10 years later, low and behold, the future is here. It's right now. We are always told to enjoy our youth, as it’s the best years of our lives. Growing older however doesn't mean losing the fun you had as a youngster. In fact, it opens a world of opportunity and has many keys that unlock many doors! Here are some of the awesome things I’ve personally found out about growing older...

1) You get the choice of what to do every day, (within reason), who you live with and what country you settle in. You’re no longer your parent’s shadow.

2) You can go to bed whenever you want. You're an adult now. If you want to stay up to 4 in the morning- that's your choice. You don't have to hide that torch under your sheets and listen out for someone who may come and tell you to "get to bed, NOW!" Downside: you also realise you don't quite have the energy you did as a child, and you cannot wait for nap time.

3) You choose what to do with your life. You don't need anyone's permission. (Within reason...) If you want to dye your hair pink? Go for it! That breed of dog you've always wanted and slightly obsessed over by watching videos online? You can have it.

4) Your hormones calm down. Those angsty, teenage years with melodramatic moments do mellow out, usually. Of course you will still have your bad days, but they are usually met with a more rational mind. Experience is priceless.

5) You've made lots of mistakes in your teenage years, and have learnt from them. Now is your chance to grow as a person and realise what you want to do and what you don't. That hard transition from child to teenager has been accomplished. High five!

6) You can sit and enjoy drink in a sophisticated setting. Gone are the days of drinking cheap liquor on a cold, park bench.

7) You get the chance to earn your own money and make your own choices about how that money is spent (once rent and bills are paid for, of course!)There is satisfaction in this. You could save up and travel the world if you really wanted, and yes, you could do that all alone.

8) You learn that in life, you usually get out of it what you put into it. Friendships are a two way thing. Working hard and reaping the benefits is always awesome.

Jessica Martin 

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