Sunday, 10 August 2014

"An attack on one is an attack on us all"

 Yesterday brought the sunshine and it also brought "GAY PRIDE" to the city of Plymouth. Gay Pride is growing more and more every single year, and it is an absolutely fantastic, well thought out day. Quoted as a day that is about "bringing people together"- and that it definitely is. So many people came together to make it awesome, and namely Ricky-Lee and Jazmine who put on such a fantastic display. The crowds where entertained from early noon to evening- and that is definitely a task in itself. I am happy to say they succeeded and there was not a moment where I was not in awe by what was in front of me. I will forever support causes that will stamp out the horrible hate that still sadly surrounds the world we live in. 

 Check out my snaps from an extremely successful Pride. I am insanely excited for next years already. 

 Well done all who made it great! 

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