Monday, 14 July 2014

Gelly Nail Effects!


 Summer is here. Well kind of, I do live in England so I can't really say much about summer. The sun was very kind for a few weeks last month... but sadly it seems to have disappeared. We have been promised a heatwave pretty soon though so I'm looking forward to that. I haven't even managed to get sunburn yet this year. I know how crazy that sounds, but usually a shock sun burn to a British person is a common occurrence. We don't usually expect hot weather, so we head out one random "alright" looking day- and voila. We are lobster red. Well, probably just me and my Irish skin.

Come on heatwave!

 One thing that does bring a bit of summer to my life however is brightly coloured nails. One thing I dislike about brightly coloured nails? Chips. I am slightly obsessive about chips in nail polish. One chip makes me dissolve my whole manicure with my toxic pink nail polish remover. Or, it sees me repeatedly topping up my colour and wasting time like no other. You know, you can't get much done when you are waiting on your nails to dry? As some say, it's the only time a lady is ever hopeless. ;) 

I love the idea of gelish polish- long lasting colour. But I hate the fact I can't do it myself and I find it hard to indulge in a day at the nail salon just for colour. I want it all, without the time and money. 

 Low and behold, I stumbled across "Gelly" by Barry M. 

 As I type this, I have the beautiful lilac shade of "Prickly Pear" staring back at me from my perfect, and still chip free nails. Each polish is a purse friendly £3.99. There are so many pretty shades to choose from, and it really does give that "gel" effect with long lasting coverage that I was after.

 I think next on my list is "Green Berry"...

Available in selected chemists as well! 

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