Monday, 7 April 2014

Summertime, it's your time!

Amoung the rain and hail, I can see slight peeks of summer popping through my window. I am insanely excited. Of course it's only Spring but I am sitting on my seat waiting for this alleged heatwave hitting Britain this summer. Winning!

 Currently on my Easter holidays from University (no rest for the wicked however- deadlines, deadlines deadlines); I have booked a mini break for some much needed sand and cocktails in a few weeks. I'm insanely excited! Of course, in my usual style, photos will be plentiful.

With a new season comes new shiny, beautiful things for me to buy. Not good for those of us prone to shopping-slightly-too-much. New Look, as usual, has some beautiful pieces. Here are some of my favourites from today! 

 I do love a bit of nautical.

Here's to a new season and a new wardrobe!


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