Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Joy of Pet Ownership

 The other night at around midnight, I decided to head up to by chamber. As you do. Tired and weary eyed, I just wanted to flick on Netflix and watch pointless life affirming films. But no. Sometimes, pet ownership does not allow this to happen. My gorgeous, relaxing bath was about to be ruined. I was about to break out a sweat over a creature that, to my admission, is slightly overweight but still small none the less. And this little thing wanted to play a game of hide and seek.

 I was first alerted to the disaster in waiting when I noticed my cat, who usually wants nothing to do with my room unless the sun lights are open and he can play "Don't Look Down"*. Sat, looking suspiciously smug, he was loitering around the bottom of my bed. Strange. Suddenly I realised the object of his desire. There, in the corner, was a fat little hammy toying with my old moggy. Sat there. Not in his home. Free. Free to be eaten at any moment, free to get squashed by someone unsuspecting. Doesn't he know he is in that little house of his for his own safety?! 

I was hoping he would just come to me, and understand he shouldn't be running around unsupervised. Nope. Two hours later. Two. He was safe, back in his home. And I was left with a dismantled double bed, a crushed hamster ball and popcorn over the floor... (the popcorn was to lure him in. The cheeky bugger grabbed it and hid under the bed, his favourite hiding spot). 

 You can imagine it wasn't the best way to spend my night. But he does make me smile. Knowing my luck, I will head up again soon enough and the same fiasco will happen again- despite the reinforced door I have now created.

 The cheeky chap, however, was fine.


The accused. Butter wouldn't melt. 

*"Don't Look Down"... I watched this with my heart in my mouth. Not advised with those who fear heights. 

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