Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Jessica's Sassy ASOS Gift Guide

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 It's December! I love Christmas, it's one of my favourite times of year. I have my advent calendar at the ready (I actually have forgotten to open the last 2 days-oops). That is very unlike me. Usually all the chocolates miraculously disappear before the second week of December...

 Anyhow... onto gift giving. I love spending time choosing gifts for people, and one of my favourite things is how easy it is to select gifts on-line lately. ASOS is one of my favourite gift shopping experiences on-line and I have picked out some of my favourite pickings from this years offerings! Gifts range from under a £5er to into the hundreds for those who have more lined pockets, but each gift is fabulous and I wouldn't say no to anything! ASOS, you have come up trumps this Christmas. 

 I have to admit, I have done a fair bit of my shopping on the ol' internet this year... now I am just sitting back, with my latte and waiting for the door bell to ring. 

 A wrapping party with mulled wine will soon commence when all the pretties arrive!

 Hope everyone is having a joyful December so far.

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