Tuesday, 24 December 2013

End of 2013 Review!

2013 is coming to an end, but not all is bad. A new year is coming up. A new experience and a new chance. Although my new year is filled with slight sadness for personal reasons, I decided to look back at the positives I have endured through out the year.

God never hands you a lemon without adding tequila. Or so they say.

So this is just a quick post with some positive things 2013 has given me! It would be great to see other posts like this. Even if it's just a couple of things, it's better than nothing.

- I am officially half way through my degree! That went really fast, I am sure the last half will go just as quick... it's been fun and I half want it to end and half don't! It's definitely been an experience!

- I welcomed a new baby hamster into my life! Sev (short for Severus),  has brought me lots of happiness. His fluffy little face lights me up as soon as I look at him. He's also mighty strange. This is awesome. 

- I got to go to HARRY POTTER STUDIO'S. Enough said.

- I met some lovely, lovely people! And become close to some wonderful new friends.

- I navigated London and the London underground with just me and my other half on the trip!

- I got to stay at some wonderful new hotels.

- I got to stay the night in a room which was literally right by the sea!

-  I become a whole year older. As you do every year. But, every year you reach is an achievement in itself that sadly some take for granted.

- I got to decorate my place in my own style and get a new carpet. Feels like home.

- I did things I said I could never, ever do. It may like seem much to other people, but it was a lot for me. I am proud of me. 

- I continued to make plans for the future and think positively 90% of the time.

- I discovered a new love for films and reading, which I had fallen out of love with for a while.

- I sorted out my finances. 

 I hope 2014 brings more adventure, and more positives. 2013 was an experience, a learning curve and definitely not all bad. I have so much to blog about in the New Year, so I hope to gain more readers and hints and tips in the blogging world. In the mean time, find me over at www.twitter.com/londonbuses for daily updates. (Nothing to do with London buses themself, don't ask!)

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

I hope you all enjoy whatever life throws at you. And take the bad as an experience.

Much Love. 

A picture I took from a lovely evening at the fair on Plymouth Hoe, for a firework display. 2013.

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