Monday, 19 August 2013

Billy Smart's Circus comes to Plymouth!

On Friday I had the pure joy of being treated to a trip to the circus which came to Plymouth! I haven't been to the circus in years, so needless to say I was excited about the prospect of seeing beautiful acts, crazy clowns and hopefully a jaw dropping performance. I am happy to say, this is what I got. The show last two hours and it went extremely fast, I did not find myself getting bored at any point and it kept me wanting more and more... 

 My lovely partner had treated me to tickets to the dazzling show; and I only found out the night before. I couldn't remove the grin from my face. Originating from 1946, Billy Smart has been entertaining the masses for decades.


I got there at 6.15pm sharp, and was taken to a colourful, light filled wonderland, with clowns grinning at me from every corner. Seats were staggered but still first come first serve, so I wanted to try and get some of the best seats in the tent.

 Red and white striped stalls sold popcorn and sugary candy floss whilst people in dapper red suits were at hand to help me with any queries I may have had. Boisterous music played adding to the magical atmosphere while traditional sawdust lay beneath my feet. Kids walked passed with toy lights flashing like stars in the dim-light of the circus tent. Everyone was excited for the up and coming show.

A live band played throughout which was a really nice, traditional touch. Acts alternated between death defying stunts, and a hilarious clown that was impossible not to love! The audience even got to participate at one point, with unsuspecting victims being picked from the crowd to throw plates around. I have to say I did cringe at the contortionist who was getting herself in the strangest positions imaginable, but she was definitely one of my favourite acts of the night. Not everyone can burst a balloon by shooting an arrow with their feet, in some very weird position... 

 The show continued to go on as it began, and I was soon greeted by trapeze artists flying through the air above me! Definitely something you need to see in "real life."

 I don't want to give too much away, but if you see the Billy Smart Circus in town and have some free time, I suggest you attend. Highly recommended.

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