Monday, 17 June 2013

A Room with a View

Last week it was my other halves birthday! After a hard week of him and his team competing in the Lake District Apprentice Brathay Challenge, we decided to head away for the night to be by the sea and see somewhere new. 

 We decided on Newquay, as it's only a short drive from home (about an hour and a half if that); and is well known for its surfing culture and sea side views. Luckily, the sun was shining and it was so good to see him after his hard work earlier in the week. We also did some exploring around the surrounding areas on our drive down, it's such a beautiful place is Cornwall ;). 

 We had a lovely time! The night life was amazing, and I drunk way too many cocktails... but it was worth it. At one point, the night saw me putting my other half up for a wrestling tournament in a giant inflatable. Very amusing. 

 Our hotel had the most amazing view, I didn't want to leave it. Bay windows leading out to the amazing surf, cliffs and sea that went on forever... heaven! The bed even looked out onto the ocean, which was glittering in the sunlight.

 Enjoy the pictures.

See you next time!


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