Monday, 24 June 2013

A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skin

Recently, ASOS and Clinique teamed up together for an amazing give-away, and luckily I was one of the people who received a gorgeous polish from the new sensitive skin collection by Clinique. 

 I received the shade in "Really Rio" which is a beautiful coral colour and goes perfectly with a tan at this time of year. At first, I wasn't too excited about the shade because in all honesty, I have about 10 of the same colour (it was an obsession of mine at one point); but I decided to go ahead and give it a go to see how in compared in ways such as longevity, colour strength and of course the key element- sensitivity. 

 The polish is priced £12, and in comparison to drug store brands and what not, the price is average if not a slightly high end. But it is Clinique after all, and they are known to be a high end brand. 

There are various shades in the collection to collect, as well as lovely limited edition shades.

Clinique boasts; "NEW A Different Nail Enamel. Glossy, long-wearing colour available in an array of pretty shades. Allergy tested and safe to use for sensitive skins, helps reduce the chances that eyes will burn, itch or water with contact. "

Colour Pay Off - 4/5. Takes about 2 coats to get a similar shade to what is in the bottle, but this is pretty good for a polish in my opinion! Takes 3 coats well without being too "much"...

Price - 3/5. This nail polish is pretty high-end so I don't expect it to be cheap, however this is a tough one for me as there are so many polishes on the market and all have very competitive pricing.

Length of time before chipping 5/5. This is what has impressed me the most about this product. It lasted a whole week on me without chipping. Not even my Chanel polish can boast this!

Colour Range - 4/5. Impressive. Has all the colours you need.

Sensitive Skin Claim - 4/5. This one has slightly confused me, as I know this is there main claim but in all honesty my skin isn't that sensitive and I have never had a reaction to nail polish before so I can't really judge on this one. I don't tend to stick nail polish in my eyes, (which is one thing they claim it is for; sensitive eyes)- and nor do I paint my skin with nail polish. It isn't that toxic smell wise, but I don't think I am the best person to ask about sensitivity!

All in all, I would purchase this product in the other shades. They are fun colours, and long lasting. What more could you want?!

Hope everyone is well,


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