Friday, 31 May 2013

The Peeing Pig Game

Hello all! Hope you are all well. I am just writing this post in admiration of the peeing pig.

 What is that I wonder?! You may ask yourself.

Well, it starts on a sunny day visiting a local zoo. My other half and I decided to head to Paignton Zoo, and it was an amazing day out! Of course, being the photographic opportunist I am, I took plenty of photos of things from a rock and some awesome giraffes. Photo's of rocks are not that awesome, but I like to take as many pictures as possible. Is anyone else like this?! It's usually when I am having so much fun I want to capture that moment in an image so I can re-live the day anytime I wish simply by looking through my wonderful photo albums.

 This actually brought my attention to a pretty amazing skill I did not know me nor my other half had. Taking pictures of animals peeing. 

 At risk of sounding like some dirty old animal pervert, this was purely accidental.

Why am I telling you this?

Because, not only has it happened the once, but it has happened on numerous occasions since. Completely accidental every time. Of course, animals pee. And probably very often. But what are the chances of catching it on camera so many times?!

 Before you call the men in the white coats, I have turned this into a game which to my insane mind has turned out pretty fun!

 Of course, I am just being silly.

But don't you love a funny photo that has been taken completely off-guard? It brings much amusement to a mundane evening. Laughing at yourself can be fun. The memory lasts forever; unless of course the offender gets hold of the camera and swiftly presses delete!

The money shot! (I am aware these are not actually pigs, would someone like to inform me of what they are?  I forget their awesome name!)

Two more animals decide to pee in the river when I want photo opportunities.

 In other news, I did get to touch a snake for the first time the other week at Dartmoor Zoo! If you knew me and my phobia of snakes, you'd agree this is an achievement of sorts.

Hope to see you soon and hope you are all enjoying festival season!


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