Monday, 18 March 2013

Want to get your hands on some Fireball Whiskey goodies?!

"Say hello to our first new student blogger! Ask her a question and check out her blog and then she will pick her favourite question to win Fireball goodies! Ask away...

'Hello, my name is Jessica and I am addicted to Temple Run 2. I always feel weird writing short introductions, there is only so much you can say! I am blonde, originally from Ireland, study Journalism and own a cat predictably named Paddy. I have foot-in-mouth syndrome (commonly refereed to not thinking before I speak), and get myself in tricky but fun situations daily! Love my nights out, Nando's and booking Travel Lodges in random UK destinations. It always end up a good story to tell. Anyway, lovely to meet you, see you later!'"

Hey guys! 

I am overjoyed to say I am blogging with Fireball as part of their student bloggers network! If you want to win some Fireball goodies, visit the Fireball UK Facebook page and ask me a question! I will pick a winner for the best question.

Cheers :D


PS this stuff is AMAZING! Nom. 

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