Thursday, 24 January 2013

"The Sims 3" EA Games Review

Playing God is something pretty damn amazing, and something a few of us would like to do. Imagine being able to control your life, your love life, your personality and even your looks at the click of a button. Don't like something? Don't do it. That is the beauty of this virtual wonderland game I have played for many years known as simply, "The Sims". I have lost many a hour on this delight of a game, and even the 22 year old self I am enjoys it just as much as the 14 year old self Jessica did.

 Take a journey on the whimsicalness life of "The Sims". Be who you want to be and create scenarios you want to create. Meet your dream man, decorate your dream home and dress yourself in your dream clothes.

"The Sims" offers escapism like no other game I have played, and I would even compare it to my much loved "Minecraft". I am actually a recovering "Minecraft" addict, who was once gracing the virtual plentiful land with my presence for an embarrassing about of hours per day. I feel, possibly, that my addiction may soon be replaced after pondering for hours over what type of wallpaper and decoration I should go for in my new Sim home. 

After collecting every single Sim game there was known to man in my younger years, I recently found my self yearning to try out the new Sim game EA Games had to offer. When I was promptly notified of Steam (; a pretty awesome games network, selling the game for £7.50 I was all over it like a cat over your offering of milk. It was in a mid-week madness sale, and reduced from £30 odd. How could a previous lover of such game resist?!

 I have been brought back to my early teenage years, and do not feel myself stopping just yet.

I have a whole town to create, of course.

 If you are looking to kill some time in the evenings, I highly recommend this game. I have no shame in saying that, although part of my feels I should.

Is anyone else out there as addicted to "The Sims"? Let me know!

See you soon,


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