Thursday, 20 December 2012

It's the End of the World (as we know it)

 Today brings us just one day before the supposed "End of the World". The Mayans might have predicted the end of the World at around 2600BC. Now, if you are a skeptic like me who has dismissed every "End of the World" claim so far in life, you will be the same in thinking that this is all a load of tosh. However, with the hype surrounding it, and "Mayan claims" it's hard not to get sucked into the whole "will it or won't it" debate. Even my daily paper has articles on it every day, and I believe my paper to be pretty reliable. Or for crazy people. You decide.

  I am, for example, half tempted to attend one of the many "End of the World parties", and get exceedingly drunk. That way, if a massive un-seen meteor does hit Earth, the impact will be minimal on myself. I can look extra glamorous, put on all my best perfumes and smell some what like a whore-house and dance my last minutes away. 
 I could also ring up every person that has made a difference in my life, and thank them for everything, whilst explaining we are all going to die soon and I need to get this off my chest. However, the men in the white coats may appear and, if the World does not end, that would hardly be productive. 

 At first I was saying to myself, "the World can't possibly end now, I've only just begun real life". That was extremely selfish of me. I have been really blessed with the 22 years I have received so far in this life, and with all the World disaster, I think I have done a lot better than some. And for that I am truly thankful, and hope for a better World soon.

 Which brings me to the next theory. A little bird told me, the 21st is not the "WORLD CRASHING DOWN AND BURNING DEAD" end that is marked by the date, but simply a day of new order. A day where the world will change and become a better place. That's not something to turn my nose up at. It sounds pretty ideal to me in all honesty, with the way certain places in the World are going.

Pictured: the Mayan's started this filthy rumour.

 Maybe we should take this chance as a new start. Take your anxiety about the end, and turn it into something positive. Re-evaluate your life. What if the World did end tomorrow? Would you be happy with what you have achieved so far? Are you happy with yourself? It's the sort of thing I seem to feel I would more likely think about when I am old and on my death bed, and hopefully lived a happy and fulfilled life. But the harsh reality is, life is borrowed, time is borrowed and you are even borrowed. Use it wisely.

 If the World does end this Friday (21.12.12), so be it. But maybe it's just a wake-up call, and maybe we should stop taking things for granted in the life we have been given.

Ps... I don't think I have ever typed the word "World" so much in my life!

 I hope you have a brilliant weekend, and let me know of any strange happenings!

If it happens, I hope you go out with a blast! (Please excuse my sick sense of humour)...


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