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Marvellous Children's Rhyming Books: Pat Hatt

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Above image is from "Swashbuckle Chuckle"

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Boo and the Back yard Zoo
By Pat Hatt
Awarded: 4.5/5 stars
Age recommended: 3 plus. Great for teaching rhyming and learning to read.
  Follow Boo, a very friendly ghoul, in this glorious illustrated picture book. Suitable for children aged 3 plus, either as a bed time story or even a learning reading aid. With a magnificent and heroic story plot, you will be taking poetically through the night with Boo and his friends, with many twists and turns. Who will end up Heroic? The nasty Nugget or Boo and friends?
 This is definitely a must have for your child’s book shelf. The rhyming words keep children of all ages interested, and it really opens up their vocabulary. The images are beautiful, and will please all children; although the younger kids who like visual aids will really appreciate the vibrancy and detail.   I can imagine this being an amazing bed time story, and fill your child’s head with great and imaginary thoughts.   What are you waiting for? Rhyming is fun, and this story is full of it!
Swashbuckle Chuckle
By Pat Hatt
Drawn by Caleb Wallace
Awarded: 4/5 stars
Age recommended:  I would say this would be suitable for ages 6 plus, younger if reading with parent.
 Another magnificent story and rhyming book from the wonderful Pat Hatt, accompanied by exciting and colourful pictures by Caleb Wallace.
 Follow the drama filled story of the Leaping Laughs Village as their wonderful golden fountain gets stolen. It is soon found that the Evil Captain Frown Clown and his pirates are responsible for such a crime.  One shoe Kangaroo decides this will simply not do, and heads off to save the fountain with only a picture of the perpetrator at hand.
Will the village fountain be saved?
What twists and turns are in store?
  This rhyming book is full of exciting revelations, and the unexpected. It is an enjoyable read, with Pat Hatts classic rhyming. Great for children who enjoy pirates, and action.
Get ready for the dual!

Cassie and The Wild Cat Meet and Greet

By Pat Hatt

Stars awarded: 5/5!
Age recommended: 3 plus
 Cassie is left feeling disgruntled when the human brings home another wild cat. There is only one solution-the wild cat must go. Cunning Cassie thinks of many ways to rid of this intruder, but is she successful? Finally her plan seems to work. However, things take a strange turn. What could this be?

 This story is amazing. I may be slightly biased as a cat lover, but I really felt the personality of the animals shine through and was gripped from the start. Purr-fect if you have a feline friend! Once again, Pat manages to rhyme smoothly, with a delightful story and beautiful images. Become friendly with Cassie in this book, you will end up loving the story ending. A typical day in the life of a cat.

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  1. Awesome reviews, thanks a ton! Glad you enjoyed them and yeah I'm a bit biased with cats too. After all I sorta pretend to be one haha.