Sunday, 21 October 2012

Plan B - Ill Manors

"Every action has a reaction."

 Once again, Ben Drew has managed to turn something grotty into something beautifully creative.

 Ben Drew also known as the famous lyricalist "Plan B" has created a heart stopping, realistic portrayal of the dark side of life. Full of action, and hard truth, I was gripped throughout this film and despite the dark side I thoroughly enjoyed it. From the moment it started, I was transported to underclass Britain full of drugs, gangs and individual life stories. The film is extremely realistic, and is narrated throughout by the expert, Plan B himself. If there was any point he was trying to put across- he has done it. And amazingly well at that.

 Follow the lives of people who have had the misfortune of contracting drug habits and getting into the wrong crowd, as you will be narrated through a well written and thought out film. I was amazed at how every character had such importance to the overall story, and everyone was linked somehow. It was extremely well thought out, and the soundtrack was catchy and really well written. The music set the mood of the different scenes, as it snaked through life linking situation and actions together. I would even go as far to say it had a feel of "musical meets realism".

 This movie had everything I enjoyed in it. Realism, a good story line, action, and passion. It also educated me, and although I realize the whole London Gangster scene was "dramatized"; I feel Ben Drew has really got his point across. This side of life does exist.

 Grab your popcorn and watch with an open mind. It's one not to be missed.

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