Wednesday, 17 October 2012


 Halloween is fast approaching. It is the perfect excuse to dress up, have some fun and tell some crazy ghost stories. Whilst browsing online on one of my favorite online retailers,, I came across a range of Halloween costumes which are exclusive to online purchases. These outfits are really cute in my opinion, ready made, and not your typical "black bin liner  Halloween fashion. I have fallen in love with all of them. Sadly, Halloween is only one night of the year, so choose wisely. I have picked some of my favourites to show you!

Last year on Halloween I had several parties to attend to got to dress up in many different costumes. I really do love fancy dress, it gives you a chance to be someone else for the night and possibly wear something a little out there and crazy. Why not get your friends round and serve scary cocktails filled with jelly worms, and maybe even have a prize for the best costume?

 The potentional is endless at this time of year.

 As well as that, New Look has some really hot winter fashion out at the moment. The prices won't break your bank, and everything is really well made and true to size. Go on and treat yourself!


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