Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Bad way to Tan

A blue light flickers on and the warmth surrounds your body. You lay back, carefully placing your goggles over your eyes and are taken away to the Maldives for the next 10 minutes. (In your mind at least)!


They are definitely not every ones cup of tea. In fact, as a bit of a regular to the local salon lately, I have to say I would prefer an alternative. Sadly, for me, nothing beats a "natural" tan so to say.

Now you can tell me all about the risks of cancer. Doesn't everything give you cancer these days? And you can let me in on the best beauty secret ever, looking old before my time. I'll just reply smugly with a simple "Botox, darling".
I can remember the first time I used a sunbed. I was 17 at the time and in the weeks ahead had a holiday to Turkey to look forward to. Wanting to get a bit of colour on my pasty Irish skin I went to a local tanning salon to be greeted by an extremely glamorous lady, whom was much older than myself. She was perfectly groomed, with long talons, extremely long lashes, and of course, a deep dark tan. That, along with the glamorous pictures on the wall and expensive lotions on the shelf, embedded in my mind that tanning was a glamorous affair. It was an affair to be short lived by me at the time, going to my regular appointments and then heading off on my holiday. I came back and forgot about the thrill of tanning for a while.
My tanning affairs are always passionate and short lived. Ever since I have gone through bouts of tanning, on and off over a period of a couple of months. It's a love hate relationship. I know the risks but I love the effects.

When my relationship with the sunbeds is going well, I love to indulge in a tanning accelerator before lying in my little Maldive paradise for the next 10 minutes. These help me to develop more colour than usual and also moisturise the skin which I feel is important. Tanning accelerators assist the body's production of melanin, helping you to tan better. Some tanning accelerators even contain elements to help reduce fine lines which you can develop from tanning, how ironic?!

So, what is my favourite tanning accelerator?

Black Onyx.
It's not for the faint hearted though. This accelerator will make you feel hot and make you tingle, which can be unpleasant for some. It's definitely not for inexperienced tanners.

Your salon should have a variety of lotions for sale. With names such as "Choco Latte Love" and "Legs have it" who could resist?! A top tip though, know your limits. A tan is gorgeous but looking embarrassed 24/7 should be left for those cringey moments in life.

Anyway. Who is to blame for the love of tanning these days? Coco Chanel made tanning fashionable. In the 1920s she came back from a luxurious holiday in the South of France, rocking a gorgeous golden brown glow. From then on, having a tan was a compulsory accessory for many.

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